Jum’ah Salah Rules

1. It is preferable that the person who delivers the khutbah also performs the salah. However, it is permissible for someone else to perform the salah.

2. It is sunnah to call out the iqamah and commence with the salah immediately after the completion of the khutbah. It is makruh-tahrimi to engage in any worldly activity between the khutbah and the salah. If there is a very lengthy gap between the khutbah and the salah, it will be necessary to repeat the khutbah. However, if the delay is caused because of a religious reason, e.g. to explain to someone a ruling, or the wudu of the imam broke and he went to make wudu, or after delivering the khutbah he realized that he had to have a bath, so he went to have a bath - in all these cases it will not be makruh nor will it be necessary to repeat the khutbah.

3. Jum’ah salah should be offered with the following intention: "I intend offering two rakats fard of Jum’ah salah."

4. It is preferable for all the people to get together and offer Jum’ah salah in one masjid. However, it is permissible for the people of one city to offer their Jum’ah salah in several masjids.

5. If a person joins the salah in the last qa'dah at the time of reciting the at-tahiyyat or after sajdah- sahw, his joining the jama’ah will be correct and he will have to complete his Jum’ah salah. He will not have to offer zuhr salah.

6. Some people offer zuhr salah after the Jum’ah salah as a precaution. They should be strictly stopped from this. However, if a knowledgeable person wishes to offer the zuhr salah due to some doubt, he should do so without letting anyone come to know of it.