apostasy in islam

The apostate's punishment is not due to his belief, but to the military and political danger that this belief may cause. In other words, the Islamic jurists do not judge belief or unbelief. The individual Muslim's belief or unbelief is left for Allah to judge. 




arab spring


The reality is that dramatic political change now sweeping the Arab world would eventually facilitate the execution of Israel’s war agenda against the Arabs, as well as against Pakistan and Iran. There is certainly more to the uprisings than meet the eye and Islamic scholarship must tread very carefully when responding to urgent and insistent Muslim requests for an explanatory response to the current Arab uprisings.

australian islamic history

For nearly 500 years, Muslims have been part of Australia and its history, beginning with their trade and peaceful relations with the Aboriginals of the Top End. These interactions were peaceful and cooperative, with traces of trade outposts lasting to this day. Unlike later Europeans, Muslims did not come to settle, conquer and exploit, but to trade and spread their faith. 

care for the environment


From motives of power and greed and not necessarily from  need, and with a technology to match, man this century has depleted the earth’s natural resources, produced, and continues to produce waste and pollution on a scale which has never been known.   



commanding good & forbidding evil


The Islamic society is the only society with a declared mission of promoting good and forbidding evil. Its definition of good and evil is not subject to the whims and desires of every generation or the perceived interests of a nation-state.