lost spirit of islam


For more than a thousand years, Muslims experienced civilizational ascendancy and earned the highest acclaim. The Muslims of the past thought and evaluated everything according to the Divine Will and Pleasure, and became the champions of the Sublime Cause. For this reason Allaah protected our borders from intrusions, expanded our realms and we led a glorious and dignified life.   


loving the Prophet [s]


The deep love and devotion that all believers have for the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (s) remains a distinct characteristic of Muslims throughout the centuries. However, while the fact of this love has not changed, its nature has. We praise the Prophet (s) but do not listen to him; we claim to love, but refuse to follow; we claim to believe but lead lives like those who don't. 



madh'hab & taqliid


The Ummah's greatest achievement over the past millennium has undoubtedly been its internal intellectual cohesion. From the early genesis of the ummah almost to the present day, and despite the outward drama of the clash of dynasties, the Muslims have maintained an almost unfailing attitude of religious respect and brotherhood among themselves.



maintaining family ties


While nearly every religion has emphasized good family relations, Islam has taken it to unprecedented heights. It is a duty to be discharged without an eye for reciprocity. A Muslim is required to be kind even to his non-Muslim relatives. Similarly he is required to be kind to even those relatives who are harsh to him. 

maintenance in marriage

Maintenance entails the wife’s incontestable right to lodging, clothing, nourishing, and general care and well-being. The wife’s residence must be adequate so as to provide her with the reasonable level of privacy, comfort, and independence. Foremost is the welfare of the wife and the stability of the marriage. What is true of the residence is true of clothing, food and general care. The wife has the right to be clothed, fed and cared for by the husband, in accordance with his means and her style of life. These rights are to be exercised without extravagance or miserliness.