why Allah created evil

Muslims say that Allah is all mercy and goodness, and He only accepts what is good. Allah enjoins justice, amity, charity, forbearance and benevolence. He did not enjoin evil but tolerated its existence for a wise end.



why pray?


Prayer is not a polite demand for rights. Allaah gave us life, and everything that we possess, without our having any right to it. It is His design and it is with a purpose. Our conditions of health and sickness, our affluence and poverty, our joys and sorrows, our apparent successes and failures, our gains and losses, all of them are just a test. 


women in islam

Islam removed the stigma of “wickedness” and “impurity” which religions of the world had placed upon woman. Man and woman, it proclaimed, had both come from the same essence. “Women”, declared the Messenger of Allah “are the twin-halves of men". Islam did not only abrogate the unfair principles and laws of ancient times, nor did it simply promulgate the well-founded rules for women's rights, but it also strongly established these rights in day-to-day practice. 



Charity itself has been a cherished institution in all human societies. It remains so even in hedonistic, capitalist societies. But without a strong belief in Allah and the Hereafter, a charitable act can only be motivated by a desire for fame or some other worldly reward.