conquering the conqueror


Evil should be resisted not by the mere good but by a superior good. The superior good is that we treat the one who ill-treats us, with kindness and love. Good has a power of its own which wins hearts, and no man however perverted and corrupted, can help respecting it in his own heart.



death & deeds

"People are asleep and when they die, they awake”. The Prophet [s] pointed to the coming of the morning light of eternity, in which all actions, which we have performed like dreamers in our present life, will be interpreted properly. Then we'll no longer see unclear dream figures, but unveiled Reality. 

democracy ???


Democracy is concerned with the mechanism for selecting people for government. Islam is concerned with the outcome of that selection. What matters most is what sort of rulers and managers of public life result from the process.



demystifying the shari'ah


The main purpose of the Shari'ah is to realise and secure the general good or the interests of people by promoting their welfare as individuals and as a collective body and keeping harm and injury away from them. This it seeks to do, in order of priority, by: 1. guaranteeing their 'vital needs' 2. catering for their 'requirements' or exigencies 3. allowing for 'betterment', enhancement or improvements in the quality of their life. 

devotion to the qur'aan


For centuries this Ummah displayed an unprecedented love and devotion for the Book of Allah which became the immediate cause of its miraculous preservation. Our goal again must be to live by the Qur'an, for only then we truly live. Otherwise we only pretend to live.