racism, pauline hanson & our engineered dystopia

A comparison of the respective histories of Islam and the West shows a relative absence of racism in Islam. Islamic teachings have provided Muslims with an enlightened perspective of human diversity which inhibited the emergence of racist ideologies in Islamic civilisation. Consequently, Islam, unlike the West, is not scarred by incidents of annihilation of indigenous peoples, racist slave trades, holocausts nor any systems of apartheid. The Islamic perspective of human diversity provide constructive insights for a world still plagued by racism.

a muslim christmas message

The Qur'aan describes the hallowed Christ, Jesus, 'Isa son of Maryam [a], as a righteous teacher, a man of truth who rose up against empire and the oppression and exploitation of the tyrants of his day and who led the weak and poor against the corrupt social, economic and religious order in the occupied Roman province of Palestine. He was the son of a saintly woman Maryam (Mary), the pure, and he taught his followers truth and social equality, love and brotherhood.

aleppo and the islamic laws on sedition

The same lie machine is telling the Syrian lie as told you the Iraq and Libya lies. Let's be clear: the reign of ISIS/Al-Qaeda terror in Aleppo has come to an end and the hostages have been freed despite all the money and effort of imperialism, the United states, Israel and Saudi Arabia. As per the Shari’ah, The Syrian government is justified in its war on rebels and using counter-insurgency warfare to preserve its territorial integrity. As Muslims, we declare that it is Haraam to violently rebel against a Muslim ruler, even if he be despotic, as long as we can practice the basic tenets of Islam in safety. Ours is a religion of reformation, not rebellion.

muslim teens - advice to parents

Adolescence, while fascinating, can also be a very challenging time for parents. Anyone who's been around teens between the ages of 10 – 17 will recognize a disconcerting and disappointing trend: youthful apathy, selfishness, self-centredness, an almost total obliviousness to the world around them and a lack of proper sense of self and strong identity. If we fail to understand the changes triggering this behavioral anomaly we can end up losing our connection with our teens at the time when they need us most. Here are some tips on helping our teenagers.

faith beauty love art & civilisation

Demo ImageOnly those who overflow with love will build the happy and enlightened world of the future. Their lips smiling with love, their hearts brimming with love, their eyes radiating love and the most tender human feelings-such are the heroes of love who always receive messages of love from the rising and setting of the sun and from the flickering light of the stars and the blossoming of the rose. 

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